Saturday, May 22, 2010

My graduation day, goodies and souvenir :)

Happy weekend to all of you my friends.. Flashback a little.. from Mon-Wed i was so busy at my office doing my daily job and reviewed the audit report, Thurs is my last day at the office, but till 5.30 pm i was soo busy handover my job, review the audit reports again (because my Boss wanted me to review it until the last second), and i did as best as i could to finish all of them.. at least that is my last goodwill for one last time :)

Then i was so surprise got this "souvenir" from my colleagues, actually i almost drop my tears.. but no.. i still can hold it.. i want to be happy on my last day :)
Graduation trophy and certificate
Feels like holding the academy award trophy but this is my graduation trophy plus the cute certificate, here is what they said:
We knew you could do it!

Dear Fika,
Finally the day has come..
Congratulations on this day and good luck for your future :)
We gonna Miss you..
"Reach for the moon; even if you miss, you will land among the stars"
Love & hugs,
Citra, Leli, Dessi, Mba Ade, Kaka Ria, Mba Yani, Bandi, Mba Mufie

That's soo sweet :)

I would love to share my RAK goodies from lovely Sue (Suzanne C.):
RAK prize from Sue
I won this prize from QOTW posted by Sue in flickr thread about a month ago :) Lucky me not only i got the fab HA stamp but also i got the famous tag made by Sue herself, and she knew exactly that my fave color is PINK!! How sweet!! Thank you so much Sue :)

Plus one more goodies that just arrived today is my prize from TGF Royal Battle Challenge, remember the whole voting things several months ago.. our team: THE DREAM TEAM won the second place at the battle, and that's because of your generous votes and my fellow dreamers Kathy Racoosin and Deirdre Horgan, they are the BEST mates ever!!
TGF Royal Battle prize

Hope you all have a great weekend..
xoxo, Fika :)


  1. the graduation certificate from your co-workers is so sweet! i love what they said to you and it is so true! you go girl! =) I can see some fabulous cards coming using your new goodies!! =) have a happy weekend, my friend!

  2. Lot's of wonderful things here Fika - good for you!!!! Hugs and congrats, Jo x

  3. What a great gift from your coworkers! So kind of them! Makes leaving even better! :>

  4. Wow, senangnya ya Fika. Selamat buat semua hal diatas. Thanks for sharing

  5. Woohoo Fika, so thrilled for you. Love your goodies. Beautiful things from your co-workers too... thinking of you. Hugs from across the miles. Dee

  6. Congratulations! Have fun with your new stamps :)

  7. Wow..Congrats Fika! You're so lucky girl!