Sunday, May 30, 2010

Chinese Anya

Hello everyone.. I have not made any cards yet since last Monday. My days were too busy with the job's interviews and also taking care my DH. He got an accident, he fall out from his motorbike and got second degree burn injured on his leg. And until now he barely can walk.. :(

Today i sneak out a while in my craft room because i had this idea for a week in my mind.. I created Chinese Anya for TGF Design Your Anya contest. I'm not so good in drawing her *sigh*

anya chinese

Thought it would be nice if Geisha Anya got a friend so she can hang out together, attending tea ceremony, watching Chinese/Japanese movies, go to the Lantern Festival, etc :)
How about you? Do you have a close buddy that share so many wonderful things together? Well I hope so because true friendship is a precious thing in the world :)



  1. Oh, Fika! Poor Widya!! Please take care of him and I hope he's on his way to a quick recovery.

    And I just love your Chinese Anya! So cute and original and your sketch is perfect--good luck!

  2. awww..... poor Widya! hope he recovers soon from the injury and hope you take good care of yourself, too. sending you lots of hugs!!

    Not good at drawing?????? this is fantastic, Fika!!! i love love love your Chinese Anya!! fabulous idea! i sure hope she gets made into rubbah!! =)

  3. Wah Fika, semoga Widya cepet sembuh ya, biar bisa jalan nemenin Fika. Fika yg sabar yah.

    Gambarnya bagus kok,, Sooo Cute.

  4. I love your Chinese Anya! She is adorable. I hope your DH is feeling better soon!

  5. Fika, so sorry to hear about your DH, and hope the worst is over now. And your drawing is wonderful!

  6. Beautiful drawing Fika!!!!

    Hope your hubby will feel better soon!
    Hugs Sanne

  7. Oh my my my!!!!! my my my!!!
    My my my!!! I thought it was TGF stamp! You are so talented! WOW WOW WOW!

  8. Oh no oh no your poor hubby! How horrible, is he doing better? So sorry to hear that! And your drawing is simply amazing! Really I didn't realize it wasn't a real Anya! You should come up with your own girl to draw! :>

  9. Fika, semoga Widya cepat sembuh dan Fika juga cepet diterima kerja di tempat yang baru dan yang lebih baik.
    Terus, design Chinese Anya-nya cute banget ;)

  10. Hope Widya recovery soon!
    Your Anya design is so cute,Fika!
    Good luck for the challenge!

  11. Thats so cute Fika!! you are so creative:-) Love your sketch!

  12. Hope Widya gets well really soon.
    I love your Anya design, she really is the perfect partner for Geisha Anya, I so hope she makes it into rubber.
    Lots of Luck

  13. Ah, she is gorgeous! You're so talented!

  14. Fika, I think you drawl just fine. She is adorable! Hugs, Lisa G