Monday, October 4, 2010

Belated anniversary game and giveaway

Hello all.. i miss you!!
Can't believe that it's already October and i missed September posting to celebrate my birthday and anniversary. Even my blog posting is not regularly, but i want to give you a little giveaway to share my happiness on my birthday & anny :)
Since last week is world card making day, I made two cards for my brother and my nephew's birthday using TGF stamp Roll call kit and Hero Arts stamps S5290 and LL761.
Now here is the fun part, as i really love game, i made two similar but not the same cards and let you guess what are the differences between them.
Now here is the first card:
And this is the second card:
I count there are 15 differences in both cards, and the winner is the one who can identify the most differences. You'll have until Oct 7 to play this game :).The lucky winner will be announced on Oct 8 and will get these sets: birthday anya from TGF, Cling snowman stamp from Hero Arts, four colorful ribbons, and lots of snowflakes sequins :)
Have fun!! I can't wait to see all of your comments.. :)

Big huge hugs,


  1. Boleh jawab pakai Bahasa yah..hehehe

    First Card :
    1. Warna dasar yg ga ada kotak2nya biru
    2. Stamp kecilnya cake
    3. Sepatu Ian polos
    4. Ikatan pitanya sebelah kanan
    5. Warna kotak2 TTSnya putih
    6. Tulisan Happy Bdaynya warna hitam
    7. Cardstocknya warna biru
    8. Garis kelopak mata Ian lebih panjang
    9. Baju Ian warnanya biru muda
    10.Strip celana Ian warnanya kuning
    11. Ada kantong bajunya (saku)
    12.Posisi Ian di sebelah kiri
    13. Angka2 yg di dlm kotak : 5,12,17,21,26,27,28
    14. Warna krah dan gulungan bajunya biru tua
    15. Alisnya menghadap ke bawah

    Second Card :
    1. Warna dasar yg ga ada kotak2nya hitam
    2. Stamp kecilnya kado
    3. Sepatu Ian ada stripnya
    4. Ikatan pitanya sebelah kiri
    5. Warna kotak2 TTSnya biru
    6. Tulisan Happy Bdaynya warna biru
    7. Cardstocknya warna putih
    8. Garis kelopak mata Ian lebih pendek
    9. Baju Ian warnanya biru tua
    10.Strip celana Ian warnanya coklat
    11. Ga ada kantong bajunya (saku)
    12.Posisi Ian di sebelah kanan
    13. Angka2 yg di dlm kotak : 5,6,12,15,16,20,24
    14. Warna krah dan gulungan bajunya biru muda
    15. Alisnya lurus ke arah atas

    Mudah2an bener semua..hehehe
    BTW, happy belated birthday and happy anniversary too Fika. Your cards super cute ^^
    Thanks for the game.

  2. Hey Fika, great to see you back blogging and creating.

    Diff 1 - card one is on blue cardstock base, card two is on white.
    Diff 2 - cupcake on one, present on two
    Diff 3 - Ribbon tied to the right on one, to the left on card two.
    Diff 4 - Shirt colours reversed with dark/light collar and cuffs (is this two differences?)
    Diff 6 - Different Shoes
    Diff 7 - Stripes on pants in card one.
    Diff 8 - Happy BDay stamped in black ink on card one and blue on card two
    Diff 9 - Image on left side in card one and right on card two
    Diff 10 - Placement of stamping different on each card
    Diff 11 - background stamped on white cs in card one and blue cs in card two
    Diff 12 - Background stamped in blue ink on card one and black in card two.

    Both distressed in blue! Hair and skin seems to be the same... even the little rosy cheeks are in the same spots!

    That's all I can find!!!!! Fun challenge..... you are so kind. Hugs to you. Dee

  3. Belated Happy Birthday and Anniversary, Fika! I hope you had fun celebrating! Your cards are adorable and I had great fun trying to spot the differences. Here's what I came up with -

    1) You used blue card for the scallop circle on the 1st and white on the 2nd.

    2) There is a cupcake on the 1st one and a present on the 2nd one.

    3) The crossword is stamped in black on one and in blue on the other.

    4) The sentiment is on a different side.

    5) The boy is in a different place.

    6) The ribbon is tied on different sides.

    7) His top is coloured differently.

    8) He has a pocket on the 1st card.

    9) He has white stripes on his trousers on the 1st one.

    10) There is more detail on his shoes on the 2nd one.

    11) 6 is not visible on the 1st card.

    12) There is no 24 on the 1st card.

    13) Part of 23 (the 3) is visible on the 1st one.

    14) You've added white dots to his eyes in the 2nd one.

    15) The cupcake is under the y in "bday" and the present isn't.

    16) The creases above his eyes are slightly different.

    17) He looks slightly more tanned in number 2.

    18) There are slightly different tilts on the letters.

    19)His hair has a little more white in the 1st one.

    20) The lines below his eyes are slightly darker in the 2nd one.

    21) The ribbon has a black tip on the first one and white one on the 2nd.

    Yikes 21 - I must have looked too closely at it!! Thanks for the fun game Fika and the chance to win these lovely goodies!

  4. 22) forgot to add sentiment stamped in different colours!

  5. Aw, hope your b-day and anniversary was fantastic!

    Here are my guesses.
    1. Boy placed in different position on both cards.
    2. Both shirts colored in differently.
    3. Cupcake on one, present on the other.
    4. Crossword puzzle color different on both.
    5. Sentiment text different colors.
    6. Shoes are different, 2nd card shoes have some sort of textured squares.
    7. Only slight distressing around scalloped edge on the 2nd card.
    8. Face complexion darker on 1st card? More rosy cheeks.
    9. 2 vertical lines down the pants on card one.
    10. Darker blue scalloped background on card one.
    11.Ribbon tie is left on 2nd card, and to the right on 1st card.
    12. There is a 'line' that indicates a pocket on his shirt on card #1.
    13. The line beneath his eyes on 1st card is closer to the eye, farther away on card #2.
    14. The eyebrow arches are different?
    15. The arch of the eyelids are different.

    So fun, you made this really fun and creative, think you're the first one I've seen do this! ;)

  6. It is so much fun, Fika. Here are the differences.

    1. Obviously for the first time: one with the present and one with the cupcake.
    2. The different position of the present and the cupcake
    3. The position of the boy right and left
    4. The colors of the shirt are on the other way around.
    5. There is a pocket on the first boy's shirt
    6. Scallop colors blue and white.
    7. The different distressing way on the scallop
    8. The color of the crossword are black and blue.
    9. Different numbers in each crossword
    10. the color of the sentiment are blue and black.
    11. the position of the sentiment are not in the same boxes on the crossword.
    12. Number 21 is different with number 24 in the crossword.
    13. No stripes on the second boy's trousers.
    14. There is motif on the second boy's shoes.
    15. Different eyelids direction
    16. Different eyebrow direction
    17. Different coloring way of his hair
    18. You tied the ribbon on different sides.

    That's all I can find which make sense, Fika..LOL... Indeed, it's really fun.

    Once again, happy belated birthday and anniversary. May God bless you and the family happily ever after...

    Hugs, Dwita.

  7. Fikaaa..... aku ikutan yah.. ;))

    Perbedaan antara kartu 1 dan 2 sbb :
    1.background scallop biru dan putih
    2.background bulatan putih dan biru
    3.garisan kotak TTS biru dan hitam
    4.angka-angka di kotak TTS berbeda
    5.hiasan cupcake dan kotak kado
    6.tulisan happy bdaynya hitam dan biru
    7.ikatan pita di kanan dan kiri
    8.posisi stamp image di kiri dan kanan
    9.baju berwarna biru muda kombinasi biru tua, dan sebaliknya
    10.baju ada garisan kantongnya dan tidak
    11.sepatu polos dan bercorak
    12.alis agak naik dan turun
    13.lipatan mata (kelopak) naik, terpisah dan agak menebal, lengket
    14.celana list kuning dan polos (sewarna)
    15.warna pita yang keliatan dibelakang celana hitam putih dan sebaliknya

    Happy Belated birthday n anniversary Fika n Widya....

  8. this is too fun, FIka! lovely cards. Happy birthday and happy anniversary!! =)

  9. Your answers are correct, but the one that answer all the correct answer even added more is Heather Maria. Congratulations to you.. email me your addy and i will send the prize to you. Thanks to all who participating in my lil game :) :)

  10. Oh Fika what a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning! Thank you so much!! I'll email you now. Hope you have a brilliant weekend!

  11. Hi, Fika! Just wanted to pop in and say "Hi!" Adorable cards! :-)